Deck the Halls: Decorating for the Holidays

decorating for the holidays

Christmas is here and if you haven’t gotten around to decorating that’s okay; you still have time, so don’t give up! Now you may not want to put up lights and all of the bells and whistles only to have to take them down after New Year’s Day, but you can still make a decent attempt. Think about it the sense that your electric bill won’t be sky high and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on the big decorations. Decorating for the holidays can be fun and exciting, go ahead and make it a family activity or invite your friends over to help, it’s not too late!

Outdoor Decorations

We understand if you don’t want to pull out the ladder and start stringing lights all around your house, but you don’t want to be the only dark house on your street. You don’t have to go Christmas lights crazy, but there are simple things you can do to bring a bit of holiday cheer to the outside of your home. Try adding candles to your windows (at least the ones that face the street), it’s simple but effective. You can also add an ornate wreath, one with lights, decorative balls, or ribbons to your front door; it will add a festive touch. If you want to take the easy route, take a trip to your local big box retailer and pick up one of those Star Shower Laser Light Projectors. It makes decorating for the holidays extremely easy; it’s cost effective and it will light up your entire home. It may be one of those “As Seen on TV” products, but it actually works.

What’s on the inside counts

Quite frankly it doesn’t matter if you have extravagant outdoor decorations, but if you plan on hosting any type of holiday gathering, you may want to get your indoor decorations together. Check out the video and make your own. The same rules for decorating for Thanksgiving apply for Christmas and New Year’s. Use what you have, vintage decorations, your kid’s holiday artwork from their elementary school days, or some old Christmas cards or family Christmas photos that you’ve kept over the years. You can simply string them along your fireplace. This is a very sentimental holiday, so pull out any and everything that will evoke a sense of nostalgia. You can also go out into nature (your backyard) to find things you can use to make your own centerpieces or Christmas decor. Don’t turn this into an overwhelming task, there’s a lot you can do a lot with few pinecones, a glue gun, some pipe cleaners, and glitter.

Impress your guests with your DIY craft skills by substituting plain boring place cards with custom made stockings with their names on them and drape them over the back of the chairs. Drive to the nearest lot for a fresh tree or pull out the artificial one from the attic. You can even turn your holiday gathering into a tree trimming party where your guest can make decorations for your tree, they’ll get a kick out of seeing them when you reuse them next year. However you decide to decorate let it be a reflection of your personality. We hope you enjoy decorating your home for the holidays, but mostly we hope you have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones and a happy New Year!